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Ferrari is one of the greatest names in automobile history. It conjures up of speed, power and beauty. It was by Enzo Ferrari in 1929 as a racing team. He had no plans to cars for the road. The name was Scuderia Ferrari, which translates as ‘Team Ferrari’. He decided to make street-legal cars in 1947. The company has since enjoyed success in Formula One motorsport and an unparalleled and glamorous image for its sports cars. The company is famous for its “Ferrari red” cars and the prancing horse . Ferrari also out into merchandising its . It makes sunglasses, luxury pens, perfume, high-tech bicycles and watches. It also Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi, where visitors can ride on a special rollercoaster to experience the g-force of a 0-100kph-in-2 seconds F-1 car.



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