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An ESL / EFL Online Gap-Fill Quiz on Merrill Lynch






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Merrill Lynch is now the banking and wealth management of Bank of America (B of A). It was a owned company before it was bought by B of A in 2009. What had been Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc badly in the 2008 global financial crisis and had to be rescued. The company was founded on Wall Street, New York in 1914 by Charles E. Merrill and Edmund C. Lynch. They made many clever to build their as investment bankers. It later expanded into financial services, insurance and investment . Its 20,000 brokers were so powerful in global they became known as the “thundering herd” – a reference to the bull in its logo. The company has 60,000 employees. The website outlines the firm’s success: “Working with our clients as partners, we create and execute winning .”



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