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Moët et Chandon is a French famous for its champagnes. It is also co- of the luxury goods company Moët-Hennessy. It was founded in 1743 by wine trader Claude Moët, who began his wine from the Champagne region to King Louis XV in Paris. In the late 18th Century, the winery up with Benedictine monk Dom Perignon who had the special double fermentation process for creating champagne. Today, the company around 26 million bottles of champagne a year. In 1970, Moet bought the fashion Christian Dior – the first of its luxury brand . A year later it merged with the cognac producer Jas Hennessy & Co. to Moët-Hennessy. The group then with Louis Vuitton to form the LVMH Group, which contains over 60 prestigious brands.



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