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Pringles is a of potato and wheat snack produced by Procter & Gamble. It is one of the world’s most- and best-selling snacks. Pringles came onto the market in 1968. The name Pringle came from an opening a telephone and seeing the name Pringle Drive in it. They are sold in over 100 countries and revenue in excess of $1 billion. Pringles cannot be called potato chips or potato crisps for reasons, because each Pringle contains only 42% of potato. They are in fact a of potato and wheat. They are popular because of their of flavours, uniform saddle shape (called a hyperbolic paraboloid) and a container that keeps them in one piece. The cremated remains of the of the tubular can was buried in a Pringles can at his request. The Pringles is: “Once you pop, the fun don't stop.”



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